Posted by: Agustín Rubio Date: 2012-03-03

Dear colleagues,

I am Agustín Rubio Alcover, from Universitat Jaume I of Castellón (Spain). I am writing on my behalf and Adrian Tomás Samit, who is a regular contributor to the database. We have written an essay, on which we make a comparison between Clint Eastwood, Brian De Palma and Woody Allen, attending to their ASL numbers and the evolution of their respective complete careers. It was a complex and ambitious work, which we wrote in Spanish, ask for a translation, and sent it to a journal to get it published; it was accepted, conditioned to a polish of the English style, because the traslator was not an expert, and some expressions do not sound correct. I thought to ask for help here, in the Cinemetrics Discussion Board: I hope there is someone interested in the article, and generous and patient enough to do that labour. Of course, we are open to discuss the conditions and the kind of retribution it that person would require: please understand this is a good chance not only for us but also for all the Cinemetrics community to see an essay on ASL published, and so, after that, our science may be more popular.

If interested, please contact us through my corporative e-mail adress: rubioa@com.uji.es.

Yours faithfully,

Agustín Rubio Alcover

Replied by:Mohsen Date:2012-03-12

What is name of the journal?


Replied by:Agustín Rubio Date:2012-03-28

Sorry, but we can't answer that question, because the journal requires the text to be anonymous in order to be "peer-reviewed".

Thank you anyway for your interest.

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