directed by: D.W. Griffith


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Submitted by Yuri Tsivian on 2011-03-13

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NYU 16 mm print projected at 24 fps; so perhaps its original running time and ASL would be around twice the size of this. However, for the sake of the average curve to be compared with other films "by partition" this is a valid and fairly accurate set of data. No intertitles; places for inserts marked in the paper print as "letter" or "newspaper" counted as one cut


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Author: Yuri Tsivian Date: 2011-03-13

Ben Brewster after George Pratt notes that this was Griffith's major rescues movie made before The Lonely Villa.

Author: Yuri Tsivian Date: 2011-06-11

"Pratt made two further interesting points. First, the contemporary reviews ... were quite ambivalent about the device, conceding its sensational character, but criticizing the way it reduces acting to insignificance, and often stretched plausibility beyond breaking point, thus becoming risible ... Even Griffith's champion Frank Woods found the ending of "The Drive for a Life" hard to take. Second, a projectionist complained to The Moving Picture World that the different character of the scenes on either side of the alternation -- the speeding car on the one hand, and Mignon's deliberate stretching out of the time before the anticipated eating of her fiance's present on the other -- seemed to demand two different projection speeds, necessitating many sudden changes in cranking rate to the projectionist." (Ben Brewster, TGP 113)

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