directed by: Billy Wilder


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Submitted by Barry Salt on 2010-04-05


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Author: Barry Salt Date: 2010-04-06

Frame-accurate recording from an off-air PAL videotape. Recording starts after director credit, and ends at End title. Durations corrected to 24 fps.

This film has very low mAR index and frequency slope in the films investigated by Cutting et al. Nevertheless, it did very well at the box-office, as did Some Like It Hot, which has very similar statistics.

Compare with The 39 Steps, which is at the opposite end of the range in Cuttings analysis.

Author: Barry Salt Date: 2011-04-02

Again, my results align well with those of Cutting and collaborators. The obvious difference at the beginning of the film is that James Cutting counts the tracking shot behind the front credits, whereas I do not.

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