39 STEPS, THE (1935, UK)
directed by: Alfred Hitchcock


IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0026029

Submitted by Barry Salt on 2010-04-05


Step: Vertical resolution: Height:
Degree of the trendline: Moving average :

Users' comments:

Author: Barry Salt Date: 2010-04-06

Frame-accurate recording from a PAL DVD, starting from after the last front credit, and finishing at the End title. Durations corrected to 24fps.

This is has very high figures for mAR and Frequency slope in Cutting et al.s results. Try 20 shot moving average to see the major fluctations, and then compare with Sunset Boulevard, which has very little visible regularities, and rates at the bottom with the Cutting people.

Author: Gunars Civjans Date: 2011-03-29

 Adjusted with Barry Salt's corrections today.

Author: Barry Salt Date: 2011-04-02

Thanks, Gunars. As you can see, my results align quite well with those of Cutting et al. The discrepancies are most because Cutting counts the length of black between a fade-out and a fade-in as a shot, whereas I (and other film-mkaers) do not. There can also be a small difference due to our differing methods in determining where the centre of a dissolve is.

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