directed by: Alfred Hitchcock


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Submitted by Yuri Tsivian on 2009-05-23

Yuri Tsivian's comment:
The shot under the credits (window, blinds roll up) counted in, the end credit (window blind with the company logo lowers) not countred in. An NTSC DVD was mesured while the film was shown in class. One double click (0.2 seconds) and a few possible misclicks in the flashlight-blinding sequence


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Author: Barry Salt Date: 2009-05-26

Using a 35 mm. print on a Steenbeck, I got the figures you can see in my database elsewhere on the site. I started immediately after the director credit, as usual, and got 795 shots in 9944 feet of 35 mm. film. That is, in 110 minutes 30 seconds, starting from immediately after the director credit. That gives an ASL of 8.34. I counted as a shot the track in after the director credit, so it looks as if Yuri got the shot count right.

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