directed by: Ernst Lubitsch


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Submitted by Charles O'Brien on 2006-07-19

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0.00: Paris, introduced with a thirty-second ditty about champagne; Captain Alfred (Maurice Chevalier) and Paulette spend a moment together until her jealous husband shows up, and decides to dispatch Alfred to Sylvania; 6.00: Jacques (British music hall comedian Lupino Lane), Alfred's servant, tells Alfred of the valuable services he can perform: "I can even imitate your voice over the phone and convince your lover that you are home when you're really out with another woman"; 7.00: Alfred sings "Paris, Stay the Same," joined in by Jacques, and then the dogs; Alfred finishes the song at 10.00; Sylvania tour bus, with megaphone-assisted tour guide; soldiers drill; Queen Louise (Jeanette MacDonald) sings "Dream Lover" (I think that's the title) at approx. 13.00, continuing until 16.00: bath scene; 17.40: the band plays the wedding march; 18.10: fanfare as the Queen enters the room; 24.30: Jeanette reads the scandalous report on Alfred's romantic life in Paris, underscored in a cartoon-like manner, with funny music, angry music, etc mimicking the Queen's emotional response as she reads; 30.00: Alfred and Jeanette sing duet "Anything to Please the Queen," ending at 32.00: scene with Jacques and "framer's daughter" maid (singer Lilian Roth); Alfred and Queen Louise speak, as two servants eavesdrop, then more servants, with different groups of servants (old, young, male, female) offering varying interpretations of what Alfred and the Queen are saying; 37.00: Alfred and the Queen; 39.10: Alfred sings to Louise "My Love Parade," ending at 42.40: Queen sings (which song?), with Alfred joining in; after the singing stops, the music continues as underscoring as the Queen faints, and then gets up and kisses Alfred, the scene ending at 45.30 with Alfred singing a bit of "My Love Parade"; outdoor scene of people listinging to the Queen's offscreen singing voice, and the onlookers joining in as a chorus, ending at 47.00 with the Wedding March playing for the second time; 48.40: Jacques whistles a tune (which one?) until Alfred interrupts him, saying it will bring bad luck; church music accompanies the entry of the Queen; 61.40: "let's Be Common," a duet sung by Jacques and the maid, who then dance, ending at 64.50: radio announcer reports on the marriage ceremony, ending with a jingle for Sylvania pots ("two pots for the price of one"); 66.00: parade with the Queen with dance-band music; the Queen sings ("March of the Grenadiers"?) backed by a marching band, ending at 70.00: Alfred and the Queen have breakfast; 75.00: Alfred complains to the waiter in French, after confirming that the waiter doesn't understand French; 76.30: "Nobody Uses It Anymore" (2.5 minute take); 79.00: ministers meet with the Queen, and Alfred shows up with a plan to bail out the country from its financial problems; 83.00: the "do you speak French?" gag again; 84.30: the servants gossip in musical verse, with Jacques and the maid debating ("the Queen is right!" "No, the prince is right!"); the song ends at 86.10, when the Queen demands that Alfred go to the opera with her, but Alfred defies her, leaving for Paris instead; 89.00: "March of the Grenadiers," sung by the Queen with a big chorus, ending at 90.20: the prince is absent at the opera, but then unexpectedly shows up; 92.55: dance performance, with song, occurs on stage as Alfred and Queen Louise argue; Alfred ogles dancer with eye-glasses, the scene ending at 96.45: Alfred in one room, the Queen in another, observed by the servants; 100.00: Alfred hums a tune as he crosses hallway (which tune?); 104.30: Alfred winks to the camera, sings "My Louise," which continues through the closing title, "the end."

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MSL 6.5 11.9
StDev 14.4 27
Min 0.7 1.1
Max 126.6 142
CV 1.29 1.3

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Author: Yuri Tsivian Date: 2006-07-20

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