directed by: Budd Boetticher


IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0053220

Submitted by Barry Salt on 2008-08-05

Barry Salt's comment:
Frame-accurate recording from PAL off-air VHS tape. Recording starts after director credit, and stops at End Title. Durations corrected to 24 frames per second.


Step: Vertical resolution: Height:
Degree of the trendline: Moving average :

Users' comments:

Author: Yuri Tsivian Date: 2008-08-10

An amazing distance between cutting rate (ASL=7.8 seconds) and cutting swing (StDev=16.9 seconds). Makes sense if we recall the ride-ride-bang-bang-ride-ride rhythm classical Westerns like this one follows. My guess is the first peak of the trendlines at degree 6 falls with Ben Brigade's arrest of Billy Kid and the last one is the Brigade/Frank showdown. Am I much off the mark? (Saw a mint Sony-Columbia digital retoration transferred to 35 mm at Bologna.)

Author: Barry Salt Date: 2008-08-13

You are quite right about where those peaks in degree six trendline occurs, but the trendline does not pick out the other sections of fast cutting in the middle of the film at all well. More on that shortly. The very large standard deviation is special to this Western, and not characteristic of "classic Westerns", as you can see from the results in the database for "Stagecoach", "3.10 to Yuma", and indeed "Seven Men From Now", made earlier by Bud Boetticher. Also note that the cutting rate slows down overall through the film in "Ride Lonesome", as shown by the 1st degree trendline, which doesn't ordinarly happen in Westerns.  Boetticher was getting into new territory in this one, and I suspect in "Comanche Station" too, though I haven't re-checked on that.



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