LIEBELEI (1933, Germany)
directed by: Max Oph?ls


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Submitted by Charles O'Brien on 2006-07-17

Charles O'Brien's comment:
The credits music is so sparsely orchestrated that it seems like the music familiar to the art cinema after WWII. In my use of cinemetrics' advanced function I interpreted the category "song" liberally, including opera arias and certain orchestral pieces as songs in light of the song-like manner in which they are handled in this film. (The film's music was arranged and conducted by Theo Mackeben, one of the German film industry's top song specialists of the early 1930s.) 0.00: backstage, accompanied by incidental orchestra tuning sounds; 2.40: fanfare for the King, and then an opera aria; young officer Fritz meets clandestinely with the Baroness, his lover; in a local bar Lt. Leo Kaiser flirts with Mizzi, as the band plays a waltz; 21.00: Fritz walks Christine through the snow-covered town at night (underscored by music that soundslike what played during the credits, but with a more rhythmic and hence pop-song-like beat, continuing until 22.10: the tune changes, becoming less rhythmic, continuing until Christine arrives at home at 23.55: [...] 34.00: the two couples--Fritz and Christine; and Theo and Mizzi--sit at a cafe table while a polka plays on the music box; the music-box song plays a second time, and at 38.40, via a sound dissolve, changes into the live music coming from the elegant party in the manor of the Baron (Gustav Grundgens); a man at the party predicts that the Baron and Baroness will divorce; Fritz and Christine (or is it the Baroness?) ride in a sleigh through the snow-covered town; 50.00: Mizzi asks Theo to play a waltz at the piano, but they are soon interrupted when the Baron unexpectedly shows up, and reports that his honor has been compromised by rumors regarding Fritz's relations with the Baroness (Theo is heard offscreen playing the piano); Fritz discusses with Theo his upcoming duel with the Baron; 57.00: 57.00: the Baroness leaves town by train, having been ordered by the Baron "to return to her people"; Mizzi and Theo; Fritz and Christine, ina sceneconcluding with the camera pushing in to a large two-shot of the couple; officer announces the duel and explains the rules and conditions; Theo pleads with the commanding officer to call oof the duel for Fritz's sake; Fritz visits Christine's father; Christine auditions at the opera, unaware of the duel that is about to take place at this very moment; the audition scene ends with Christine singing an aria in close-up, accompanied by a piano; 71.00: a snow-blanketed field, where the duel happens offscreen; 73.00: Christine's father conducts Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, which continues to accompany the scene in which Theo, Mizzi, and the father bring the news of Fritz's death to Christine; 75.50: Christine jumps from her window, concluding with the image of the empty window accompanied by voices from an earlier scene in which Fritz and Christine swear their love to each other.

Number of shots:
MSL 9.3 8.9
StDev 20 20.4
Min 0.7 0.6
Max 133.7 124.2
CV 1.2 1.35

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Author: Yuri Tsivian Date: 2006-07-17

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