directed by: George Miller


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Submitted by Stew Fyfe on 2008-06-07

Stew Fyfe's comment:
- Taken from the 1997 WB NTSC DVD release.
- Left out the opening montage (the prologue in 1.33). It's made up of a number of overlapping shots that slowly dissolve from one to another, at times with 3 or more shots on screen. I'll time this separately, marking as best I can what seem to be the beginning of dominant shots (shots which are the most opaque).
- There is a similar montage, from about 52:35 to 53:13 (on the DVD: 56:45 to 57:23), but for the most part, only 2 shots hold the frame at a time with one clearly dominant. I marked the fade-outs the dominant shots. (Hope that's clear enough.)
- In general, dissolves and wipes are marked halfway through.
- The classic final chase starts at about 70:40, wipes to the highway at 73:00, and ends with the dissolve after the final crash at about 84:38.
- Very invigorating, timing out this chase sequence, I must say.


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Author: Stew Fyfe Date: 2008-06-07

 - Longest take, about 53 sec, is of the delirious Max crawling through the desert after his car is destroyed.

- Second longest take, about 52 sec, is of the Gyro Captain and the Captain's Girl deciding to stay and help.

Author: Stew Fyfe Date: 2010-09-09

 Editors: Michael Balson, David Stiven, Tim WellBurn

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