directed by: Paul Sloane


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Submitted by Charles O'Brien on 2006-06-29

Charles O'Brien's comment:
An RKO film starring comedy duo Wheeler and Woolsey, with songs. In fact, the film features a single song, which is played again and again. 0.00: "Paris 1918," Colonel is entrusted by General with battle plans; 2.25: MPs search for Gilbert and Tommy (Woolsey and Wheeler), who are absent without leave in Paris; Gilbert and Tommy impresonate MPs, flirting with women in outdoor cafe (one of whom speaks entirely in French!); car ride through city; Gilbert and Tommy next impersonate majors; the MPs show up, and Gilbert and Tommy, pulling rank, order them away; MPs discover they've been scammed, and again catch up with Guilbert and Tommy; 15.20: Colonel arrives at the cafe and meets Olga, with whom he is having a clandestine affair, while Annette, his precocious daughter, exits her hiding place in the car trunk; MPs chase Gilbert and Tommy; Tommy meets up with Annette and they sing duet, "Tell Me What to Do" (not certain if this is the correct title), with whistled verse and chorus, and finally a dance; 22.40: the song ends as Gilbert arrives; Gilbert, Tommy, and Annette steal the Colonel's car; 23.45: as they drive, the song, now in an instrumental version, underscores their journey; the car breaks down, and Tommy sings the same song yet again, while Annette joins in to make it a duet, and Gilbert uses a mallet, air pump and other car tools to provide (post-synched) comic musical accents; then the three of them dance as the song plays in an orchestral arrangement; 27.05: song ends as the MPs arrive; 29.00: an interitle explains that the Colonel's wife is watching him; the Colonel meets his other daughter, and forbids her to marry her soldier boyfriend on the grounds of his low rank; Annette meets with Olga; 33.40: Gilbert and Tommy sit outside at night, and Annette, angry at Tommy, leads the MPs to them; after a short bit of underscoring (ten seconds) featuring the melody of "Tell Me What to Do," Annette kidnaps Gilbert and Tommy in her car, kissing Tommy in the backseat; 40.05: "That Night at Pierre's" (intertitle), Olga occupies one table, while the Colonel and wife occupy another; 40.45: an instrumental version of "Tell Me What to Do" accompanies a dance performance by the sixteen Tiller Girls, ending at 42.50: Gilbert and Tommy are chased into Pierre's by MPs; Gilbert and Tommy impersonate waiters; 47.30: Tommy performs skating waiter gag; 52.15: "Next Morning" (intertitle) in the Colonel's office, a call arrives from the General at the battle front, demanding the delivery of the battle plans; 54.00: Annette steals the plans so that Tommy can deliver them, and thus become a hero in her father's; Gilbert romances Olga; 62.30: Gilbert and Olga sing a duet "Tell Me What to Do," then Olga tears off Gilbert's clothes and they dance in the fountain; 65.00: Gilbert and Tommy ride off on a motorcycle to deliver the plans; the Colonel's wife reveals that Annette has stolen the plans so that Tommy could get credit for delivering them; at the battle front Tommy and Gilbert agree to carry the plans across the raging battle field; 72.30: Armistice is declared on the battle field; not knowing of the Armistice, the Colonel; threatens to have Gilbert and Tommy shot at sunrise; 75.35: all is forgiven and the theme song is heard one more time.

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MSL 5.7 10.1
StDev 11.8 9.3
Min 0.2 1.4
Max 114.3 43.9
CV 1.26 0.74

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