WHOOPEE! (1930, USA)
directed by: Thornton Freeland


IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0021549

Submitted by Charles O'Brien on 2006-06-23

Charles O'Brien's comment:
One of the lavish Eddie Cantor films of the early 1930s produced by Sam Goldwyn. Filmed entirely in Technicolor, with lots of songs and some over-the-top Busby Berkeley dance sequences. I used cinemetrics advanced function to distinguish between shots that featured song accompaniment and shots that didn't. I also tried to register the various moments in the film when only a brief fragment of a song was heard, whether via a character humming a few bars of the melody, the appearance of the melody via orchestral underscoring, or even the menion of the song's title in the diaologue, as happens when, at roughly 25.00, the parrot says "I want to make Whoopee." Maybe this is best done by hand rather than by cinemetrics. In any case, my plan is to devise a way of seeing how song sequences fit into a film's overall structure. To do this, I created a button for "song fragments," but the next time I'll eliminate this option, given that the category "song" will serve just as well for these brief song references. 0.00: Cowboys in procession; 1.05: Miss Custard sings cowboy song, and then a chorus joins her, and finally the song continues in instrumental version during a Busby Berkeley dance sequence; 4.20: Miss Custard talks with Mr. Morgan's Son; Henry (Eddie Cantor) shows up with cow, and Miss Custard flirts with him; 9.15: Son is now a mining engineer; Henry is forcibly dressed as a cowboy by men in suits; Son visits Sally, accompanied by romantic underscoring; 12.40: Son sings in deep baritone "I Still Belong to You"; 14.00: Sheriff Bob Wells, the evil rival for Sally, confronts Son; Eddie runs out in his new cowboy costume and bumps into Son and chief Black Eagle; Sheriff Bob Wells secures Mr. Morgan's loyalty; 18.45: Henry sings "Making Whoopee!," immediately followed by big dance number featuring female dancers in pink dresses; 21.35: song ends and Sally calls down to Henry; 23.35: big dance number with large singing chorus, and dancers walking out in a fashion-show procession; 25.50: Sherrif Bob learns Henry has eloped with Sally; Son silently reads note from Sally, with romantic underscoring; 27.50: Henry and Sally on the road in Henry's car; 31.15: Henry sings "Why"; Mr. Morgan's car pulls up, guns are pulled; 39.40: daytime; cook in kitchen; Henry and Sally arrive; Henry fills in as cook; 43.30: Henry, while cooking, sings "I'm making waffles" to the tune of "I'm making Whoopee!"; wanted poster for Henry; Miss Custard shows up in cowboy disquise; 46.45: Mr. Morgan arrives with Sally; Mr. Morgan compares scars with Henry in what comes across as a filmed radio skit; 50.20: Son visits Sally and warns that Henry is in danger from Sheriff Bob, with romantic underscoring; Eddie in the kitchen sings chorus of "I'm Making Waffles"; 55.00: Henry sings "My Baby Don't Care"; interrogation; 62.40: Miss Custard announces that she will marry Henry; Miss Custard then sings "Stetson Hat," then dances, and then cedes the floor to the female dance troupe; 67.30: Henry in kitchen; Sherrif Bob comes to find Henry, who escapes by car with Sally; Son has returned to the Indian tribe; Henry arrives and meets first with chief Black Eagle and then with Son; 76.30: Son and Sally re-unite, with romantic underscoring; Son once again sings "I Still Belong to You"; 78.05: Mr. Morgan confronts Henry, now in an Indian costume, and then leaves; Miss Custrad joins Henry; 82.50: Son sings song from atop mountain, followed by a big production number, and a fashion-show procession of well-costumed dancers, underscored by tom-tom "Indian" motif, finishing at 86.25: Sherrif Bob arrives and threatens Indian tribe, and then sees Son with Sally; 89.35: Henry sings to Miss Custard "My Baby Don't Care."

Number of shots:
MSL 7.1 13.1 13.2
StDev 11.2 16.9 8.6
Min 0.8 2.8 2.2
Max 71.6 97.8 24.1
CV 1.01 0.96 0.67

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