directed by: Dziga Vertov


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Submitted by Radomir D. Kokes on 2008-03-22

Radomir D. Kokes's comment:
I'm afraid, that the extremely fast sequences in this movie are not really sharp, but I tried to be utmost careful.


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Users' comments:

Author: Yuri Tsivian Date: 2008-03-23

I know this film well, and this seems to be a pretty accurate adumbration. One cannot do a perfect measurement of this film using our click-click tool for some of its shots are just one frame long (this technique Bordwell tells us in The Way Hollywood Tells It is called "frame-fucking" in the Hollywood jargon). It's on my list of the films to be measure in the Barry-Salt Steenbeck-sharp method.  But so far this graph is usable  and useful. We leqarn for instance that its cutting rate (ASL) and cutting swing (St Dev) are more or less the same (the "Greek cross" ratio). And I can tell at a glance at the trendline at 12 degrees (Chelovek s kinoapparatom: (12) ASL 2.6) which peak of tempo  corresponds to which sequence. Nice work.

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