directed by: John Murray Anderson


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Submitted by Charles O'Brien on 2006-06-06

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The non-narrative structure of this revue film may offer a special case for cinemetrics. The film amounts to a series of variety show sketches and songs, which are linked not causally but via an mc's introductory remarks and implicit thematic association. Will we find an overall cutting pattern differing from what we are likely to find in a straight-ahead fiction feature? Or will similar tendencies in cutting be evident, such as the use of an accelerated sequence toward the film's conclusion? To provide an idea of how the film is put together, I list below the film's various sequences, arranged chronologically. The numbers refer (roughly) to the time (in minutes) on the cinemetrics clock.
0.00.Paul Whiteman's Scrapbook 0.50.cartoon sequence
3.20Here comes Paul!band intro
17.Laura LaPlante comic sketch
18. The Rhythm Boys w.Bing C.
21."Monterey"sung by J. Boles
26. L. LaPlante office sketch
27.5. J. White orchestra
30. duet w. Rhythm Kings
37. "All Quiet" parody
38. Chaplinesque violin comedy
41 "Rhapsody in Blue" number
51. W. Kent comic sktech
54. "Ragamuffin Romeo" duet
58. two-man horse gag
59. another short gag sketch
60. "Happy Feet" number
66. comic marriage sketch
67."I'd Like to..." number
71. song slide parody; quartet
74. "Song of the Dawn" number
78. "Melting Pot of Music" no.


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